Electric Unicycles

Begode A2

$612.50 Ex Tax: $612.50

The Begode A2 is the electric unicycle everyone knew was possible, but hadn’t yet been created, th..

Begode EX30

$1,959.30 Ex Tax: $1,959.30

With so many large to ultra-large EUCs on the market it can be difficult to navigate the EUC lands..

Begode Extreme

$1,469.30 Ex Tax: $1,469.30

Hardware: Product Color: 18 inches Black The position of the controller: 3.0-12 Tire Size: YES ..

Begode MTen4

$538.30 Ex Tax: $538.30

BB-8’s long lost cousin has finally been found and surprise! It’s the Begode MTen4. Definitely the..

Begode Tesla T3

$685.30 Ex Tax: $685.30

With a slew of satisfying specs at a more than satisfying price, the Begode Tesla T3 will scratch ..

Begode Tesla T4

$1,126.30 Ex Tax: $1,126.30

Begode’s T4 is the first 16″ suspension Wheel, packed with a battery pack/motor combo that would..

InMotion V10F

$699.30 Ex Tax: $699.30

V10/F Advantages & DisadvantagesAdvantages: Most Refined Wheel: the V10/F is arguable the mos..

InMotion V11

$979.30 Ex Tax: $979.30

One of the best selling electric unicycles of all time, the InMotion V11 truly is a comfortable ri..

InMotion V12 High Speed

$905.80 Ex Tax: $905.80

The speedier, road eating brother to the InMotion V12 High Torque, the High Speed version of the V..

InMotion V12 HT High Torque

$979.30 Ex Tax: $979.30

The beefier, hill churning big brother to the incredibly popular InMotion V12, the High Torque ver..

InMotion V13 Challenger

$1,616.30 Ex Tax: $1,616.30

Thanks to its future-forward design, the V13 Challenger can be the EUC that YOU want it to be: lon..

InMotion V14 Adventure

$1,469.30 Ex Tax: $1,469.30

The InMotion V14 Adventure is here to unlock every type of riding for every type of rider. Trail s..

InMotion V8F

$538.30 Ex Tax: $538.30

When you ask someone what EUC they learned on, there's a good chance they say the InMotion V8 or V..

King Song 16X

$979.30 Ex Tax: $979.30

From the urban streets to the country trails, the King Song 16X is still often touted as one of th..

King Song 18XL

$783.30 Ex Tax: $783.30

The King Song 18XL is a master of the city streets. The large 18” tire soaks up the pavement while..

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